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Sigge og siri beanie

149,00 NOK

The beanie Sigge & Siri is available in 4 fun variations that fit both boys and girls, from babies and toddlers, to teens and adults.

You can sew the simple beanie (A), which is perfect for beginners. You can sew the beanie with a bow (B), and the beanie with ears (C). Bunny ears and bear ears are included in the pattern.

Sizes: 14 sizes from 34 (premature) to 60 (adult large). 

Recommended fabric: Knit fabrics with at least 40% stretch, such as jersey (cotton/lycra) or french terry. Size up if your fabric has less than 40% stretch, size down if your fabric has significantly more tan 40% stretch.

Level of difficulty: 1/3. (Suitable for beginners).